Stimulating the Stimulus

Digital Dollar Ep. 2 dropped today and it's not yet another "how to guide". We chat about our experience going through it along with a bunch of other related topics

Howdy! Are we surviving?

I think it’s Sunday, sort of running together right now. The only real day-to-day impact for me is I have to share my bandwidth with the entire family during working hours. So there’s that.

Otherwise, it has indeed been a tumultuous week. We were hoping to get our episode 2 out and seeing how last week was highly focused on SBA and stimulus, we got around to recording it late Friday eve.

But that was good, it was a pause in the action and a time to reflect on the chaos we’re experiencing right now.

So Jon & I took a dive into our direct experience with the PPP and SBA program launch. We worked hard in advance to ensure we had everything needed to submit the second the application portal opened… mission accomplished!

BTW… If you haven’t applied yet and intend to do so, better get on it PRONTO, the money will hit the cap pretty quickly.

  • Separately, we discuss the implications of the banks being transformed into customer service operations by the Treasury Department.

  • We also discussed the gap in current government information systems platforms contributing to the difficulties of this and other dependent programs.

  • Also chatted about the implications of how the digital dollar will work, and specifically what it means to investors, banks, etc…


Listen now and be sure to fire off an email directly to me with any questions or comments.

Chat again soon!


P.S. If you have any topics you’d like to see us cover, or even a show guest idea, I’m literally waiting for your response!

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